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Breed Notes

An insight to going ons in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson

23rd March 2020

There’s no need to tell everyone what’s going on. NO dog shows for the foreseeable future and it’s very unlikely that many will be able to reschedule if and when all this is over; finding venues, judges and even dates. SO unless there’s anything urgent there won’t be any breed notes but do keep checking.

Remember  the Committee are all happy and willing to still help anyone who has problems or worries with their dogs and Rescue is still working to help although probably not collecting dogs.

As  long as I am able, the Journal is going ahead but may be slightly late this year.

May I remind everyone that you only have 5 weeks to get your adverts to me for the Journal. Now that so many of us are at home, it’s the perfect time to start to design your ad.  In view of the circumstances it would help if you could pay by bank transfer direct into the Club’s account. If you’ve never done that and do not use online banking, just phone your bank and ask them to transfer it. If that isn’t possible, please send cheques direct to the treasurer (details on the website), rather than to me but would you please email me to let me know that you have paid.

Please email me with details of whether you require a full page, half page and how many photos and also send any adverts for stud dogs and affix  adverts. If you used one last year I still have copies. Remember stud dog adverts must have details of health tests. Just look at last year’s to see how  to design it or I have a template if you need one. Make sure to use good, high resolution colour photos for your advert .

Stay home and keep safe everyone.

Diana Hudson

17th March 2020

I am extremely sad to report the passing of Harold Bellamy aged 94. His wife Ann rang me yesterday to give the sad news that he had died after a very short brutal illness.

There must be very few Elkhound people who still remember Ann and Harold with Annhar Elkhounds. They lived in Birmingham before moving to Pembrokeshire around 16 years ago and with their friend Alvin Hambidge were very active at the shows from around 1977 onwards. They had a small number of Elkhounds descended from Torden and Llychlyn lines and had a homebred Champion Ch Annhar Grey Contessa. We became good friends after they used our Callan at stud and I vividly remember visiting their rather small house and finding a litter of Elkhounds in the kitchen and another litter of Samoyeds in the cupboard under the stairs. Harold bred Sammies first before getting into Elkhounds and was on their Committee for many years. He awarded CCs in both breeds. In Samoyeds, many years ago (1971) , it was one of Harold Samoyeds who starred in the BBC Birmingham produced series "Owen MD". Ann was always tickled by the age gap between her and Harold ( 28 years) and when she told me they had just celebrated 40 years together in February this year, she commented "And they all said it would only last 2 years". Sadly, Ann herself was diagnosed with a terminal illness last year but is doing well for now. Deepest sympathy to Ann and daughters Michelle and Anita. Harold was a true gentleman. There will be no funeral as Harold wanted his body to go for medical research but there will be a celebration of his life later.


Many thanks to Jill Cowper for the following report on Discover Dogs and many thanks to her and Britt for all their work at what must have been a very distressing experience having just lost Leaha the day they set up the booth. Jill said,
“I was in attendance at DD on all days, two helpers decided they did not feel it wise to attend due to the Coronavirus and I quite understood their concern.  My sincere thanks to Treena and Christine and Robert who stepped in at the last minute to help me out.  

My sincere thanks go to my Britt, who helped set up and break down the stand, to Colin and Treena and to Christine and Robert for stepping in to help without even being asked, it was greatly appreciated.

Attendance on the first day, Thursday was slow to start, but soon picked up towards lunchtime.  Friday was much busier and Saturday and Sunday it was heaving as usual.   Lots of interest in the dogs and the breed in general, loads of leaflets given out and Friday we ran out of breeders lists so had to print some more. That’s the great thing about being able to go home in the evening, we can always replenish our stock. We had a great variety in dogs, Treena’s, Christine’s and my own. They were so well behaved and loved all the attention and cuddles.

 The public were very considerate, they sanitised before and after cuddles as requested on our notices, and always asked if they could cuddle the dogs first. There were no handshakes and everyone understood the purpose of this.

I would personally say that there were slightly less people there than last year particularly on the Thursday and Friday but Saturday and Sunday were very busy. Quite a few booths were empty, obviously the breed organisers taking a cautionary step or they couldn’t get the helpers.

All in all, another successful DD at Crufts, hope you all benefit from it.  I’m just about getting my voice back now.” Jill   


The gate for Crufts was 155,000 , so down on previous years but not drastically given the circumstances.

 I have had a few questions about the Club show with the spread of coronavirus. A decision will be made once the committee know what the Government decides to do about public gatherings. It is impossible to make any decision at this stage. The same applies to upcoming shows like SKC.

Diana Hudson



9th March 2020

Last Wednesday I had a phone call from a broken hearted Jill Cowper to tell me that Ch Rothenborg Leaha (27/05/2011 - 04/03/2020) had died, suddenly and completely unexpectedly. Apart from the incredible show year she had in 2019, Leaha was Jill’s heart dog.


The only one in the litter, Leaha spent most of her puppy hood on Jill’s knee and left this life on Jill’s bed. No illness, no warning except just being off colour that one day; Jill was all prepared to show her at Crufts and at the prestigious Contest of Champions in April. She was only 9 years old. She had been checked by the vet just the previous day because she didn’t want to run around in the field and nothing at all was found. A postmortem showed that, unknown to anyone, she had a tumour which had burst and flooded her heart. We lost Sky last year in exactly the same way, so I understand only too well how bad the shock is.


Last year, Leaha’s wins were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams; she was absolutely in her prime. I’m sure everyone sends their deepest sympathy to Jill and Bob, to Sophie who handled her and to her beloved family. On Saturday I heard that Jill’s husband Bob was admitted to hospital following a fall. What a dreadful weekend. I do hope he’s ok.

(He's doing well, hair line fracture on pelvis - Britt)

Well, as everyone knows it was the big weekend- Crufts. There were quite a number of absentees in our entry, no doubt some people concerned about the Corona Virus but nevertheless there was a good entry still for Jerry Daly to judge. Discover Dogs was also very busy, especially on the Saturday. Many thanks to all those who manned the booth and to Britt and Jill who, despite their upset, put it together. Lovely to see so many of our dogs in photos showing all aspects of their personality. It must have been a lot of work just getting those photos ready. I hope to have more about Discover dogs next week. Many thanks also to Britt who took photos of the catalogue pages to send to me, so I had not just the results but details of owners and he dogs’ breeding. It makes a huge difference when you can’t go to a show. We spent an extremely noisy 4 days “trying” to watch it on TV while Otta barked her fool head off at every prick eared dog—she ignored those with drop ears, but the Agility and freestyle heelwork drove her demented. I’m sure she thinks that throwing her toys at the TV will get those dogs to play with her.

Now to the results. I’m writing this while watching BIS. BOB and DCC in Elkhounds was Elaine and Nev Simms’ Ch Seasara Earl Grey who put up an excellent show in the group (despite the description of him hunting “Elk”- they’ll get it right one day!). BCC , her first, went to Wendy Threadgold’s Norvin Joyeux Noel. Res DCC was Jill and Britt l Cowper’s Whittimere No Nonsense of Whittiimere and Res BCC went to Linda and Brian Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights ShCM. Best Veteran was Mrs Bardgett’s Kestos Phantom and Best Puppy went to Tanja Mortimer’s Laakso Dana.

Diana Hudson

2nd March 2020

Just a few days o go now before Crufts. The TV scheduled coverage has been much increased from last year with a 3pm programme most days on Channel 4 then again in the evening at either 7.30 and 8pm. More programmes are on More 4 at 6.30.

The advice about coronavirus remains the same; the show will go ahead but people must be careful about hygiene; handwashing, covering mouths when coughing , taking care with disposal of used tissues etc. Overseas exhibitors have been advised to check the legal requirements about entering the country and attending.

Take care everyone, safe journeys and good luck. You have a long day ahead. 31 dogs have made 35 entries. We are in Hall 4, ring 24 after 80 Dachshunds and  16 Finnish Spitz.

The Kennel Club last week published the revised requirements to qualify for judging.


KC Amended Requirements for Judges

Following the recent announcement about the future of the Judges Competency Framework, further details have now been issued which outline future judge requirements and eligibility.

Judges may be appointed by societies based on either the current judge regulations or the new system until the end of the transition period in five years’ time, i.e. judges must either be on the breed club required list and/or at the required JCF Level.

From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet the new Level 1 requirements.

Otherwise, judges can accept appointments either in accordance with current Kennel Club regulations (i.e. completely outside the requirements of the JCF) or with the Judges Competency Framework requirements (see below). In both cases, an exception can be made where a valid contract is in place prior to the date of this announcement (24 February 2020).

Level 1 (which applies to JCF and other judges not following the JCF system) and Levels 2 to 4 (which apply to JCF candidates only) are as follows:

Requirements to meet this Level

Level 1

Minimum of 5 years proven interest in pedigree dogs

Attend a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass    examination)

Attend a Conformation and Movement seminar

Complete a minimum of 2 stewarding appointments

Eligibility to judge

Up to 3 classes (4 if one is a Puppy class) or 5 (6 if one is a Puppy class) for Stud Book Band E breeds for any breed at Limited or Open Shows


Level 2

First breed:

Take and pass Requirements of a Dog Show Judge examination

Pass Points of a Dog assessment

Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for the respective breed.¹

View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz

Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz

Subsequent breeds:

Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for each breed. Note: Not mandatory for Group Judge for breeds in the group that they are not approved at Level 4, but attendance strongly recommended

Eligibility to judge

Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at Limited, Open or Championship Shows (no CCs)

Any Variety classes and Best in Show at Limited Shows

Level 3

Undergo minimum of 3 mentoring sessions with a minimum of 12 months between first and third session

Be observed judging a breed club show, breed supported entry show or championship show without CCs

Have achieved the relevant hands-on experience in line with the stated requirements for the relevant Stud Book Band

Complete remaining 10 stewarding appointments (one-time qualification)

Have owned/bred a minimum of 3 dogs when they obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book – save for exceptional circumstances (one-time qualification)

Attended the appropriate sub-group Field Trial/Open Gundog Working Test for first gundog breed or Ring Procedure at Licensed Shows (German Shepherd Dog Education Programme) online exam (one-time qualification)

Eligibility to judge

Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at Limited, Open or Championship Shows (no CCs)

Any Variety classes and Best in Show at Limited Shows

Level 4

CC Judge

Attend and passed a Breed Specific Assessment for the specific breed run by the Kennel Club

Eligibility to judge

Award Challenge Certificates in the respective breed

Any Variety classes, Groups and Best in Show at Open and Limited Shows



Current judging lists will be valid until the end of the five-year transition period. Breed clubs/councils should continue to maintain their judging lists during this period.

Any contracts in place prior to 24 February 2020 will remain valid.

24th February 2020

Crufts is not far away now and with the worldwide spread of Coronavirus and the numbers of foreign visitors and exhibitors the show attracts, the KC has published a notice about precautions. The Health service warns that the only practical way to try to avoid it is with frequent hand washing and avoiding crowded places. Avoiding crowded places is impossible; we all have to go to work and do shopping but we can wash hands frequently.

Here is the KC’s advice.

“Following the outbreak of novel Coronavirus in China, the Kennel Club and the NEC will be taking enhanced measures to help protect our visitors, exhibitors, clients and staff at Crufts 2020 taking place on the 5th - 8th March.  We are monitoring the situation closely and we continue to follow advice from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England, as well as that of local government."

Everyone should note that the main message from Public Health England is on personal hygiene, therefore staff, exhibitors and visitors are also being encouraged to maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene by employing the ‘Catch It. Bin It. Kill It’ ethos. Additional signage and bottles of hand sanitiser will be introduced in toilets and the in-hall catering areas, to make it even easier for everyone to clean their hands. In addition, Crufts will be supplying a hand sanitiser station at each public and dog exhibitor entrance.

The Kennel Club recommends that those with concerns about the Coronavirus follow guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation…/dise…/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public and follow government advice on travel.”

Not quite such a concern was this weekend’s prestigious NECGB Contest of Champions and the AGM. I would personally like to thank Britt Cowper and Margaret Deuchar for sending me the results and photos of the catalogue. Well done to all the winners. I hope you all had safe journeys given the strength of the wind in some areas and the amount of rain.  Here are the results. I think they are correct. It’s awkward flipping back and forth through pages on a computer to correlate numbers with names. If there are any errors please let me know. The Contest is held on a knockout system for each sex until the winning  D & B compete and one winner remains.

The judge who remained secret until the event, was Hazel Fitzgibbon

Best Puppy

Wendy Threadgold's  Norvin Joyeux Noel B

Best Dog Puppy Middleton’s Graythor Rocky Mountain D

Special Beginner Challenge 

Wendy Threadgold's  Norvin Joyeux Noel B overall winner

 Best dog SB, Mrs A Stone’s  Laakso Eike  D

Special Yearling

Middleton's Graythor Gates of the Artic B overall winner

 Best dog SY, Middleton’s  Graythor Rocky Mountain D -


Pauline Clark's Ch Aftonlee Ayrlie Winds B overall winner

Best Veteran dog, Simms’  Ch Bowerhinton Broder at Elverdal D

Stud Book Challenge

Jaquetta Brown's Laakso Cara B overall winner

Best Stud Book dog, Laura Stephenson’s Bowerhinton Bangalore at Brawdor D

Champion  of  Champions

Jill Cowper's Ch Rothenborg Peder D overall winner

Best bitch Ch, Robert Greaves & Nicola & William  Croxford’s Ch/Ir Ch Whittimere Prada B

 The Raffle made £!44.50 – thank you to all who contributed .

Many thanks to Margaret and Debbie Deuchar for organising such a lovely event.

Some advice came from the breed Health Co Ordinator.

“Animal DNA Diagnostics' will be at Crufts this year, they are in Hall 5,  Stand 28.

They are offering tests for Norwegian Elkhounds at a reduced price :

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) (tested by Optigen)         -     Normally £96.00     Show offer £76.80

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG-NE) (tested by Optigen)    -    Normally  £60.00     Show offer £48.00

There is also a warning about more  cases of Alabama Rot around the country. It seems to be the ideal weather and  wet and muddy conditions so do wash your dogs down well after walks and keep a check for any sores on legs or muzzles.


Diana Hudson

17th February 2020

There were no notes last week quite simply because there was no news; at least no one sent any.

This week we received the sad news that Robert Greaves’ aunt passed away at 103 years old. Having lost his mum not long ago, losing Sheila’s sister is a double blow. Our sincere sympathies to Robert.

I hope everyone was ok during the two bad gales. During Ciara, our area was extremely badly hit with flooding and even in the days afterwards, train services were badly affected and many roads still closed. Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd in Yorkshire and Ribchester and Whalley in Lanc’s were all seriously flooded.  On the worst night, Otta took two steps out at bedtime and fled back in terrified. No way was she going out in that!  She had to cross her legs all night. Thankfully we escaped the worst of storm Dennis but South Wales, the Worcester area, York and Scotland were all badly hit. I hope all our Elkaholics were safe and suffered no damage. We just had a bad leak in the Conservatory.  


The Herts Walk on the 16th was postponed because of the weather. I hope to have further details later.

Rather late news from Treena Maun said that at Lichfield open show on 25th Jan, Aslan went BOB and was short listed in a huge group and Portia went BPIB and also got short listed she also went RBIB . 

A show to look out for is Redditch and District Open where Sarah McMahon will have her first judging appointment on May May 16th. I didn’t realise just how many years Sarah has been in the breed. How time flies.

More shows coming up with breed classes are:

23rd Feb, Cheltenham @ Stoneleigh;

29th March, Hound Assoc, @ Ryton;

11th April, Wellingborough @ Ryton;

10th May, Dover and Deal @ Maidstone;

Humberside Hound Open Show Saturday 18th April (day before NECGB Ch Show).


Details on Fosse Data. Retford Canine Society have scheduled breed classes at their Premier Open Show. The show will be held at Newark Showground on 15th March but be aware entries close on Feb 25th.

Next weekend is the NECGB Contest of Champions with a terrific entry of 42 dogs spread over all of the 6 different contests. Safe journey and good luck. Laura Stephenson posted the following message. “We are very lucky to have not 1 but 2 photographers at the contest next Saturday!! The wonderful Stuart Horner is the official photographer for the show taking action shots and as always our winners!! Thank you, Stuart. I am also bringing a friend along for the day who specialises in black and white photos and loves dogs! He’s taken some of Stark for me and they are fab. There is no pressure he simply wants to build his portfolio up as it is a new venture and the committee kindly agreed that he could come along.”

Don’t forget to take along any items you may have for the raffle.

Crufts entries have been announced at a very disappointing 31 for the judge Jerry Daly from Ireland. Elkhounds are in ring 24 hall 4 after 80 L/H Dachshunds and 16 Finnish Spitz. It says judging starts at 10am in our ring; rather unlikely after so many other dogs. Looks like a very long day. Even though we will likely be late in, don’t forget that Crufts has a time limit  after which you will not be admitted.

The main news this week was from KC about the proposed amendments to the Judges Competency Framework. Details are still very much up in the air and to be finalised later, but the main decision is to keep both methods of progressing with judging, running in tandem for a few years – a bit of a nightmare for show secretaries. You can read the entire press release on

Please don’t forget to start planning your adverts for the Journal.






3rd February 2020

February has arrived and the quiet spot with no Ch Shows now until Crufts so the notes may  be shorter than usual for a while.

There’s a Hertfordshire Elkhound walk  on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 10:30 AM at Ashridge Estate NT Ashridge Estate Visitor Centre, HP4 1LT.

Retford Canine Society have scheduled breed classes at their Premier Open Show. The show will be held at Newark Showground on 15th March Postal entries close 14th February. Online entries close 25th February Schedules available on Fossedata.

Other shows scheduling breed classes are 23rd Feb, Cheltenham @ Stoneleigh.  29th March, Hound Assoc, @ Ryton.  1st April, Wellingborough Open Show at Ryton. 10th May, Dover and Deal at Maidstone. Humberside Hound Open Show Saturday 18th April (day before NECGB Ch Show). Details on Fosse Data and of course don’t forget the NECGB Ch Show on Sunday April 19th.

I reported last week on the OD Top Dog Tables but have to admit I just copy/pasted them without paying particular attention so I was delighted this week when I read them properly to see that our sweetheart Otta is yet again Top Brood Bitch. Congratulations to Jill on such a great litter and well done to those who showed her puppies to allow her to gain this award. We don’t show now and never have anything to brag about so I make no apologies for saying how proud I am of this deliciously funny, cheeky girl. It’s taken her a full year to completely recover from losing Sky and becoming an only dog but my word, she’s back to normal now and full of beans. Dogs do grieve quietly and it’s easy to put their quietness down to other things.

Everyone will have seen the KC announcement last week about the DNA tests for our breed. The tests have been compulsory for all breeders who are Club Members for some years now and Barbara Barganska has kindly kept a record of all the results. Thank you so much Barbara. That was necessary because not all the companies automatically sent results through to KC. Now, if you use one of the companies on the KC’s list, results will go straight to KC to be recorded on registration documents. If you have old results that were not recorded, you can get your registration documents updated  if you wish,  by sending the original to KC along with proof of the results and the dog’s microchip number and they will send out a new certificate. Remember too that they now accept only 2 generations to be recorded as hereditary clear. Beyond that puppies will need to be tested.

Well Brexit is now done and we are out of the EU. It remains to be seen what changes may happen with regard to taking dogs abroad but for now we have been assured there will be no immediate changes. It’s wait and see time.

Diana Hudson




27th January 2020

There  were two Open shows this last weekend with classes on for the breed ; Lichfield and Coalville. At Lichfield Treena Maun’s Aslan went BOB and was short listed in a huge group and puppy Portia went BPIB and also got short listed she also went RBOB.

At Coalville on Sunday, Elaine and Nev Simms took BOB with Ch Seasara Earl Grey and then went on to win Best in Show. Congratulations. Elaine wrote “He  was judged in the breed by Lennart Stahle from Sweden, Wendys, Darcy, Norvin Joyeaux Noel was Res BOB. He then judged the Hound Group also and gave it to Loki, then as luck would have it he was doing BIS &to my utter amazement he gave it to him, he was very complimentary about him & told me he was a very good dog. Treena did very well in the stakes classes, also judged by him. I know she won one & was placed well in others.” Thanks for letting me know Elaine and well done all keeping the flag flying for Elkhounds.

Last week Our Dogs published their top dog table results although a few breed shows have to send in their details. For Elkhounds:

Top Breeder: Cowper Mrs J E , Rothenborg with 31 points.

Top Dog: Ch. Rothenborg Leaha with 20 points.

Top Puppy: Whittimere No Nonsense of Rothenborg with 35 points. He was 2nd top Hound Puppy.

Top Brood Bitch: Rothenborg Otta  with 16 points

Top Stud Dog: Laakso’s Lone Ranger with 34 points.

Margaret Deuchar sends thanks for the entries for the  Contest of Champions. We have 42 dogs entered spread over all of the 6 different contests.

A reminder now that it’s that time of year again – Time for the Journal. Michael Sharman kindly sent his condolences to me for getting back on the Committee so it looks like I’m stuck with the job for another 3 years!  I have posted a flyer on the NECGB Facebook page giving details of deadlines and costs for advertising and I think  Britt has also put it on the website. The main thing to think about is your adverts. Deadline is near the end of April so it’s time for you to start planning your adverts and photos ( colour again) also stud dog adverts and Kennel adverts. Please make your adverts ready for printing either in a Word document or  a pdf. This includes the stud dog adverts. I cannot design them for you. They need to be print ready with all health test results.


Diana Hudson

20th January 2020

Before I start on shows news I’d like to pass on a warning from vets. There is a very nasty canine virus doing the  rounds; particularly widespread in the  Midlands and Yorkshire Dales but not confined to those areas. It causes extreme vomiting, pain, panting and shaking, lethargy and bloody diarrhoea. Many dogs have had to be hospitalised. Vets advise washing feet after walks and vet visits, limiting contact with other dogs, even if they look well and avoid the sniffing of lamp posts or places dogs are prone to urinate.

Now to shows. I received the news last week too late to include. Last week at Nuneaton Open  on Jan 12th, , BOB was Norvin Marvel of Brawdor and BP was Bowerhinton Be Portia.  Jacquetta Brown also did exceptionally well with one of her Min Pin’s.... Branok, aka Hawksflight Black Russian. Going from winning AVNSC at Nuneaton and on to be Toy Group 1.

This weekend of course was our first Ch Show of the year with CCs. Manchester Ch Show where the judge was Ms Editha W Newton.  BB, Best Veteran and BOB was Jill Cowper’s Ch Rothenborg Leaha who went on to win Hound Group 3.  Jill did the double taking the DCC with her and Britt’s Whittimere No Nonsense Of Rothenborg (Sonny). RBCC went to Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bettina and RDCC was a new puppy belonging to new exhibitors, Mr & Mrs KONSTANTINIDIS with Bowerhinton Bassanio. Many Congratulations. I wonder if they realise what they did. Both DCC and RDCC came out of the Junior Class. Bassanio also won PD and Best Puppy. What a way to start a show career.

Last week we also gained a new Dutch Champion in Treena Maun’s New Ned Ch Bowerhinton Bettina (Willow). Well done.

Entries for the Contest of Champions have now closed. I do hope there’s a good turnout and people go to watch even if they haven’t entered. Remember you will need to pre book a meal.

Don’t forget the NECGB Club Ch Show in April where the judge is Mrs C E Cartledge. Entries close March 16th. Schedules are now available. An extremely knowledgeable judge with a good understanding of our breed, she says in her CV, “ My first CC appointment in the breed was for the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland, more than 40 years ago. Being Swedish I have always taken a special interest in the Nordic Spitz breeds. I have judged Elkhounds many times at Championship Show level (including the GB Club and a second time for the Scottish Club) both here and abroad. I also judge all groups and BIS. I have judged the Terrier, Working, Pastoral, Utility, Toy and Hound Groups at Crufts plus BIS at Crufts in 1999.”

13th January 2020

Last weekend was the first CH Show of the season, Boston. We have no classes at this show but Treena Maun supported our breed by entering AVNSC  Hound under Mrs H Fitzgibbon; where  Brouhaha was Res Best dog, Bettina was R BB and her new puppy Bowerhinton Be Portia was 1st in AVNSC Puppy Bitch. Well done.

I don’t yet have the results for Nuneaton Open Show.


Yet again there have been reports of dogs made ill and suffering neurological problems because of household diffusers so it’s time for a reminder that some essential oils used in diffusers are highly dangerous for dogs.

Vets and poison control say that they see these cases often now that the popularity of essential oil is growing. Please make sure that the essential oils you are burning are not toxic for your pets.

Here is a list of essential oils not to use if you have a dog at home

Anise (Pimpinella anisum)
Birch (Betula)
Bitter Almond (Prunus dulcis)
Boldo (Peumus boldus)
Calamus (Acorus calamus)
Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)
Cassia (Cassia fistula)
Chenopodium (Chenopodium album)
Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)
Garlic (Allium sativum)
Goosefoot (Chenopodium murale)
Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana)
Hyssop (Hyssopus sp. with the exception of Decumbens)
Juniper (Juniperus sp. with the exception of Juniper Berry)
Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Mustard (Brassica juncea)
Oregano (Origanum vulgare)
Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)
Red or White Thyme
Rue (Ruta graveolens)
Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus)
Sassafras (Sassafras albidum)
Savory (Satureja)
Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Terebinth (Pistacia palaestina)
Thuja (Thuja occidentalis)
Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)
Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Contest of Champions(which will be held after the AGM on 22nd February. Entries  close on 18th January) and claims in before the end of the month for the Club Points trophies .

Diana Hudson

6th January 2020


Please note, The Contest of Champions, despite its name is NOT only for Champions. It’s for newcomers to the breed and well as all dogs between puppies and Champions. There is a class for everyone.

Entries for the Contest of Champions which will be held after the AGM on 22nd February, close on 18th January (no extended closing date).


There are Contests for Champions, Puppies, Stud book holders that are not already Champions, Special Yearling, Veterans and, new this year, Special Beginners  - no qualification necessary, but neither dog, owner or handler to have won a CC or Res CC. Ideal for new owners.

Anyone can come and watch, but lunches, if required must be booked in advance. For any queries, people can either pm Margaret Deuchar  on Face Book or email her on

Let’s have a lovely entry this year and secure the future of this prestigious Contest. The judge remains secret until the day , you can see the best of the breed  and have a lovely meal in a beautiful venue. Entry forms and details were either emailed to members or sent out with the Magazine.


If you haven’t got yours, contact Margaret.

Also if you didn’t get your Magazine, please contact Linda Middleton. The Post Office seem to have mislaid a few.


Now to News.

What an incredible year 2019 was for Jill Cowper and the Rothenborgs. Our Dogs has now published the final results of their points competitions and Jill took Top Breeder in breed, Top Veteran in breed with Leaha, Top Dog and Top puppy with Sonny, Whittimere No Nonsense of Rothenborg.

This year started well for another Whittimere  from the same litter with the crowning of a new Irish Champion in Jerry & Nancy Daly's Whittimere No One's Fool gaining his qualifying Green Star (and CACIB & BOB) at 15 months of age at Dublin & DSS Int Show. "Donny" is litter brother to Jill Cowper’s Whittimere No Nonsense of Rothenborg and Tom Croxford’s Whittimere No Matter What. Congratulations.

It was also a great start for the Laaksos at Open Shows. Tanja Mortimer wrote; “Wow what a fantastic day at Luton show under first time judge Laura Stephenson, Ty (Laakso Canute) 1st in open dog and best of breed went on to win G4 from a huge hound group and Rein (Laakso Dana) 1st puppy and BP and who also went on to win PG4!!! When they both made the initial cut, I was thrilled but to be placed too woo wooo!!! And a huge well done to Alison and Aimee with Laakso Eike who was 2nd at his and their first show!!!

Alison and Aimee Stone at their first ever show got 2nd in puppy out of 4 with Laakso Eike they were over the moon. And well and truly hooked”.

As I mentioned last week, at Stourbridge show under another first-time judge, Wendy Threadgold, Best of Breed was Laakso Cara and BP Laakso Dana. Treena Maun’s new puppy Portia came 2nd in Puppy Stakes.  Lovely to see several new puppies out especially so early in the year when they have a full season of showing ahead.

At Coventry on New Year’s Day, Jill Cowper’s Sonny, Whittimere No Nonsense at Rothenborg took BOB at Coventry. It’s lovely to see more Elkhound Classes at Open Shows and much more support and better entries. If people don’t support them the classes could be lost so remember them for next year.


There was an interesting statement on Facebook this week by a new member to the group. She commented that her aunt used to breed Elkhounds a long time ago when she ran a boarding kennel near Bolton. She posted a photo of a page from the 1974 Club Annual showing her aunt’s name and her affix Saeverstad.  Being one of the “ahem” older Elkhounders, I dug out my old Journals because I simply didn’t recognise her name or affix and I should have. She was Carole Cullens or Cullins (Spelled both ways in the membership lists) who got her first Elkhound in 1973 and was a Club Member until 1976. She bought Borellan Krans from Joan Block and Borellan Jorga. Later she got Lillabo Selma and kept one of her own breeding from her first litter and also a male pup. She bred 5 litters in all using Borellan Skusk and Mardew Momentous as studs.  She showed only rarely getting 4th in Spec beginner at the Club Show and a 4th in Novice at Windsor with Borellan Krans. She seems to have left the Club after 1976. How lovely that her niece remembers the dogs so happily that she now has a rescue dog. I realised that the reason I couldn’t remember her or her kennel name was because I moved to Germany in 1973 and wasn’t around shows again until  1978 and I’m missing the 1976 Annual which would show the last two litters. It just shows what an impression our breed can have on people that they remember them over 40 years later.

Happy New Year to everyone and much success over the coming year.


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