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Breed Notes

An insight to going ons in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson

1st June 2020

Goodness that went fast; we are half way through the non existent year but lockdown is slowly easing except for the foolish people who continue to crown on beaches with no regard for anyone else and there is at least one piece of good news from China.

Newspapers reported great news last week that China has signalled that it could ban dog meat from the dinner table after approving a proposed directive to classify dogs as companion animals instead of farm animals officially. 

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs calls for 'some traditional customs about dogs' to change in the country and stresses that they are 'companion, rescue and service animals’.. 

The move comes less than a month before the Yulin dog meat festival.

The Chinese agricultural ministry no longer considers dogs as livestock or poultry in the latest version of the country's Directory of Genetic Resources of Livestock and Poultry.

Only the animals on the list can be bred, raised, traded and transported for commercial purposes in China, according to China's Animal Husbandry Law. 

This means the act can potentially prevent around 10million dogs being killed for their meat every year in the country.

A spokesperson from the ministry said that dogs had been domesticated for a long time in the country and they had 'close relationships' with humans.

The spokesperson told reporters: 'With the progress of the times, humans' understanding of civilisation and dining habits have changed constantly. Some traditional customs about dogs will change too.'

The spokesperson highlighted that it was an international consensus not to classify dogs as livestock. He said more policies regarding dogs would be rolled out in the future without giving details. The new directory went into effect on Wednesday last week.


With the increased interest in gardening during the lockdown and in house plants I was upset to see that a French Bulldog had died after eating leaves of Sago Palm houseplant.
The dog spent three weeks on a feeding tube and strict medication schedule as her owners and veterinary staff battled in vain to keep her alive.There are  several other Houseplants that are dangerous to dogs. Please keep yours out of reach of pets. The main ones are; Lilies, Alocasia,  Aloe vera, Cyclamen,  Ivy,  Jade,  Dumb cane , Desert rose and Asparagus fern. 


There was also a warning in the papers about helping dogs as we slowly come out of lockdown and start to go back to work.  Dr Chris Muldoon, operations manager at the charity Dogs for Good, has many years’ experience of training dogs. He says separation anxiety could be a real threat when owners go back to work.

He believes owners will have to gradually prepare their dogs for the change and reintroduce them to old routines, so they don't struggle to cope once coronavirus social distancing measures are lifted. Dr Muldoon said: "Separation anxiety is triggered by the removal of something in the dog's life that is a constant part of its life at the moment and generally that is people. "So if you leave the home at 07:30 in the morning, you grab your keys and head out of the door these can be triggers for the dog to realise that the rest of the day is going to be spent without the person they would rather be with."

Chris says the dog's reaction can manifest in physical behaviour - like becoming hyperactive for the period of time before its owner leaves home.  "Even after you have left, you may get complaints from the neighbour that your dog has been continually barking or you may get a destructive dog that potentially is tearing up bits of the house and you may get reactions that are just anxiety-based whining, elevated heart rate, respirations, signs the dog is struggling."

Dr Muldoon has some tips for getting dogs used to their owners leaving the home again.

They include:

Pretending to go to work

Wearing office clothes in the house and picking up your keys and going outside for a few minutes can get the dog used to you leaving again. Mix up the times you try this and extend the amount of time you spend away.

Don't make a fuss

When you come back in, don't make a fuss of the dog. Wait until dog settles and then reward the dog for settling down.

Be patient and don't get negative

If the dog barks, don't react. The worst thing for anxiety is to create more anxiety.

Be responsible

Coming out of lockdown people will be allowed to take longer walks and that will mean interacting with other dogs.

Dr Muldoon said: "If you were a responsible dog owner before lockdown, be an even more responsible dog walker now because your dog might not have interacted with another dog for months or longer so expecting it to behave as it did before is a bit unrealistic,

"Put some boundaries on that keep your dog on a lead interactive with other dogs in a controlled environment and note any changes in your dog's behaviour.

"Be astute about your dog's behaviour. "


Now a request from me. I am not starting work on the Club  Magazine/Newsletter  just yet but it is time for everyone  to put their thinking caps on to write articles, short stories, poems, puzzles etc .  News will obviously be sparse as here have been no shows so it really is up to you this time to send in material for it. Have you had a funny experience during lockdown? What have your dogs got up to with you at home? Did you spend extra time training them or doing something different? Could you even get dog food? Let’s get a good Magazine out this time to brighten everyone up. You should soon be getting your reading material in the form of the Journal which has now been printed so please think ahead and write something for the Magazine.

Keep safe


25th May 2020


We are pleased to announce that the Animal Health Trust will resume the processing of canine DNA testing samples from Monday, 18 May 2020. For the time being only existing and outstanding orders will be processed, but we hope to be able to start selling tests again soon.

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic and ongoing efforts by the Trustees and Executive Committee to secure the long-term future of the Animal Health Trust, Canine Genetic Services will be operating with reduced staffing, and with team members working from home wherever possible. As a result of these unprecedented conditions we may not meet our usual turnaround time targets. In addition, there will not be anyone manning the telephone in the office, although voicemail messages will be retrieved, and calls returned.

If you have an outstanding order for a canine DNA test:

  • If you have a swab kit for a test you have purchased, please send it to us ASAP.

  • If you have sent in your swabs but not yet received a result, we aim to process these samples and report the results within the next few weeks.

  • Please check for any future updates.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

Best wishes,

Canine Genetic Services


Last week Laura Stephenson organised and ran an online show just for Elkhounds. Well done and thank you Laura for keeping so many people entertained . A huge amount of work for you and at your own cost. I’m sure that everyone who made the massive 332 entries really appreciated the fun you created. Thanks also to Jannice Meyrick for providing the lovely rosettes at cost and thanks to the judges.  There were entries from across the world. Our newer exhibitors won’t have met Gill Bingham who judged Best in Show and the rest of us miss her greatly at shows so I have included a piece by Robert Greaves about her and her Steldawn Kennel.

Best in Show Judge - Gill Bingham.

Gill Bingham (Steldawn) had her first Elkhound in the early 70s’s and bred her first Champion – Ch Steldawn The Stormbringer in 1977. With Gills background in horses, she quickly established her line which was renowned for being sound, healthy and fitting the standard perfectly. There have been many Steldawn Champions or sired Champions sired by Gills dogs over the years – many for showgoers who had their first Elkhound from Gill and decided to show, and the result was their first champion. Much of Gills breeding was linked closely with Barbara Stokes (Kestos) and over most of the last 40 years they have been a significant force to be reckoned with.

Back to 1977 though and it was at Richmond Championship Show that Gill handled Jill Cowper’s Ch Rothenborg Christian to Best In Show All-breeds under Judy De Casembroot. Gill was probably the best handler the breed has seen; always ready to help. Meanwhile Ch Steldawn The Stormbringer sired Ch Steldawn The Bandit and Mr & Mrs Partridge’s Ch Steldawn Grey Idol out of Barskimming Tassi of Bodrugan and Ch Steldawn Mischief maker, also owned by Mr & Mrs Partridge. Ch Steldawn the Bandit sired Andy & Lesley Cheathams Ch Norelka Rainbringer and Irish Ch Norelka Airs and Graces.

Ch Steldawn Northern Lights and Ch Steldawn Little Madam came from Rothenborg Hella (Ch Borellan Larsen x Ch Ravenstone Christiana) mated to Arthur Sneedens Guldfodasens Pajong of Opinan. Kestos Skan, a son of Ch Steldawn Northern Lights, owned in partnership with Barbara Stokes, sired Ch Steldawn Crackerjack out of Steldawn little Madam. Crackerjack won multiple CC’s and 2 Hound Groups.

CH Steldawn Crackerjack sired several Champions but, significantly, he sired Kestos Maestro (out of Kestos Asia (litter sister to Marian Foster & Bob Lees Hound Group winning Ch Kestos Adheryn)). And I will use this to demonstrate the absolute understanding of the breed Gill has and followed through in a succession of outstanding males. Maestro sired Gills Ch Steldawn Wiseguy (litter brother to Linda Birchs Ch Steldawn Wisecrack). Wiseguy sired Ch Steldawn Gigolo. Gigolo sired Ch & Am/Can Ch Kestos Kriega and Kriega sired our breed record holder Kris – Ch Kestos ISpy at Graythor.

Within any breed this is a significant record. Gills breeding set the standard others would aspire to meet. Gill has had a huge influence on many people within the breed – especially mine – and has a wealth of knowledge and advice. It is a tragedy that she has suffered ill health for the last 15 years which prevented active participation in our sport but her knowledge and advice remain and the progeny from her dogs carry on at the forefront of the breed.

Robert Greaves


The winner and Best in Show of the 2020 Norwegian Elkhound Lockdown FUN Online Dog Show is.......

Novelty Group Winner   -  TOKI  - Owned by Danni Medhurst

To me this dog has beautiful masculine head, with well set ears and lovely dark eyes. He displays the ‘bold, fearless and friendly expression’, called for in the breed standard.

Huge congratulations to Toki (Ellahyde Fine 'n' Dandi).

Reserve Best in Show, also  judged by Gill Bingham, goes to.........

Our wonderful, Over The Rainbow winner Lily, owned by Steve Royle and family!!

Lily came to Steve through Elkhound Rescue aged 5 and was sadly only with him for two years before developing cancer but they were two very special, happy years for everyone.


Veterans Judge Jackie Hodkinson

Veteran Dog 

1st - No 097 - Kobi, owned by Stuart and Moe Horner.

2nd - No 213 - owned by Alison Meyer Woodward.

3rd - No 074 - Ren, owned by Bryony Gary.

Res - No 201 - Gunnar, owned by Kim Kim Wirick Jones.

VHC - No 004 - Brody, owned by Elaine & New Simms, bred by UK breeder Treena Maun

Veteran Bitch -

1st - No 301 -Disa, owned by Annabel Cook, bred by Treena Maun

2nd - No 153 - Iska, owned and bred by Tanja Mortimer.

3rd - No 270 - Sabie, owned by Bunny McLaren, bred by Treena Maun even though Sabie now lives in Australia!

Res - No 154 -Susi, owned and bred by Tanja Mortimer.

VHC - No 308 -Silva, owned by Bryony Gray, bred by Treena Maun.

Best Veteran goes to.......

Veteran Bitch 301 - Disa!!


Over the Rainbow Bridge judged by Katherine Tress

1st - No 249, Lily, owned by Steve Royle

2nd - No 248, Kasper, owned by Steve Royle

3rd - No 167, Busy, owned by Annabel Cook, bred by UK breeder Treena Maun

RES - No 314, Fullani Silent Thought, owned by Margaret Deuchar, bred by the late Elisabeth Coleopy, Treena Maun’s mother

VHC - No 072, Brodie (sitting), Acer (lying down), owned by Bryony Gray


Best Rescue  - Katherine Tress

1st - No 236, Thor Bear, rescued by Emma Sutcliffe

2nd - No 106, Juno, rescued by Sophie Hawke

3rd - No 255, Brutus, rescued by Heather

RES - No 061, Katti, rescued by Jane Appleton

VHC - No 014, Bruce, rescued by Nicky Howse


Novelty Classes & Best Novelty.  Judge Sarah Thomas.

Handsome Dog -

1st - No 110 - Toki (Ellahyde Fine 'n' Dandi), owned by Danni Medhurst, bred by UK breeder Sheila Walters

2nd - No 178 - Kai, owned by Annabel Cook, bred by UK breeder Treena Maun.

3rd - No 027 - Brody (Bowerhinton Broder at Elverdal), owned by Elaine Simms, bred by UK breeder Treena Maun.

RES - No 010 - Zeke, owned by Mattsharon Tacon

VHC - No 211 - owned by Alison Meyer Woodward


Prettiest Bitch -

1st - No 090 - Darcy (Norvin Joyeux Noel), owned by Wendy Threadgold, bred by UK breeder Jannice Meyrick

2nd - No 162 - Brighton, (Gilkaro Tinc My Belle), owned and bred by Helen Tress & Katherine Tress

3rd - No 121 - Jin (Norvin Jul), owned and bred by Jannice Meyrick

RES - No 227 - Inka, (Barbelka Nowinka), owned and bred by Barbara Barganska

VHC - No 020 - Rowan, owned by Charlotte Entwistle


Best Lockdown photo -

1st - No 258 - Elsa, owned by Michelle Mac An Baird, bred by UK breeder Linda Ann Middleton

2nd- No 330 - Thor, owned by Lizzie Metcalf, bred by UK breeder Barbara Stokes

3rd - No 171 - PUPPY!, owned and bred by Annelise Haugstad

RES - No 282 - owned by Sarah Polson

VHC - No 042 - owned by Simon & Julie Smith

Best from the Novelty classes is.....

Handsome Dog Winner TOKI!!


Open Dog/Bitch & Best Open Judge - Moe Horner

Open Dog -

1st - No 295 - Olav (Branika Eye Opener), owned and bred by Nicola Kaya

2nd - No 321 - Indi (Whittimere Indianapolis), owned and bred by Will Croxford

3rd - No 251 - owned by Kaisa Haga

4th - No 111 - Toki (Ellahyde Fine 'n' Dandi) owned by Danni Medhurst, bred by UK breeder Sheila Walters.

5th - No 313 - Miku, owned by Ivana Quendoz

Open Bitch

1st - No 192 - Otta (Rotheborg Otta), owned by Diana Hudson, bred by UK breeder Jill Cowper

2nd - No 163 - Xyla (Treska Just The One), owned and bred by Helen Tress & Katherine Tress

3rd - No 171 - Vivi (Gilkaro Tomatin in Skogly), owned by Annelise Haugstad, bred by UK breeders Helen Tress & Katherine Tress

RES - No 207 - owned by Kay Soouthwood

VHC - No 089 - Dolly (Bowerhinton Bywnans), owned by Wendy Threadgold, bred by UK breeder Treena Maun

Best Open!!

Best Open goes to......

No 192, Open Bitch, Otta



Yearling Dog/Bitch & Best Yearling Judge - Moe Horner

Yearling Dog -

1st - No 006- Bruce, owned by Nicky Howse

2nd -No 116 - Erik (Norvin Feliz Natal), owned by Jude Lyon-honor & Ste Yeti, bred by UK breeder Jannice Meyrick

Yearling Bitch -

1st - No 088 - Darcy (Norvin Joyeux Noel, owned by Wendy Threadgold, bred by UK breeder Jannice Meyrick

2nd - No 164 - Kyrie (Barbelka Call me Cryptic), owned by Catherine Saint, bred by UK breeder Barbara Barganska

3rd - No 120 - Jin (Norvin Jul), owned and bred by Jannice Meyrick

RES - No 206 - Ellie, owned by Brenda Moriarty.

VHC - No 071 - Treble (Grasilva Treble's Going), owned and bred by Bryony Gray

Best Yearling goes to.....

Yearling Bitch No 088, Darcy!!


Baby Puppy Results!
Judge - Rob Phippen (Elkhound Pet Owner)

1st Place is baby Frekk at 4 months old, owned by Anne Thomas and bred by UK breeder Barbara Stokes.

2nd Place, owned by Marina Pushkova

3rd Place, owned by Emma Chivers and bred by UK breeder Jannice Meyrick


Puppy and Best Puppy Results!  Judge - Beth Benner (Owner and Judge)
Puppy Bitch -
1st - No 064, Rein (Laakso Dana), owned and bred by UK Breeder Tanja Mortimer
2nd - No 076, Tali (Laakso Trekso), owned and bred by UK breeder Tanja Mortimer
3rd - No 256, Layla (Laakso Dina of Conrick), owned by Vanessa McHugh, bred by UK breeder Tanja Mortimer
Res - No 232, owned by Karine Meoni
VHC - No 135, owned by Janet Gray


Puppy Dog -
1st - No 223, owned by Jane Simmons Smith, bred by Donna Weeks
2nd - Ned (Laakso Eike), owned by Alison Neal Stone & Aimee Neal-Stone, bred by UK breeder Tanja Mortimer
3rd - Yukon (Laakso Esko), owned by Mel Jepson, bred by UK breeder Tanja Mortimer
And the winner of BEST PUPPY goes to........
No 064 - Rein ( Laakso Dana), owned and bred by UK breeder Tanja Mortimer.


As expected, there’s little else to report on: a very strange visit for me to my doctor; phone when you arrive, stay in the car; wear mask and gloves. Do not touch the door. When your hearing is not good, trying to hear what she said through a mask and visor was near impossible. I was sent her diagnosis by text. Shopping delivery held up yet again by an hour. Not a bull this time; his previous drop was 20 miles away. Who plans these things?

Also a Happy, special  Birthday to Brian Middleton who reached the age at which men used to be able to retire. Maybe you can celebrate next year instead and Happy Birthday to Jill Cowper who is staying at 39.

Keep safe everyone and do send in any news. Any funny lockdown stories?

Diana Hudson




18th May 2020

I hope everyone is keeping well both mentally and physically and your dogs are still enjoying having you home. It’s to be hoped not many will suffer from separation anxiety once people go back to work. My son is now fully recovered and back at work but my brother in law was rushed into hospital today where he is in intensive care; no, not Covid but obviously his family are not allowed to visit him so it’s a worrying time. Do contact friends to make sure they are ok; it can be very lonely for some people.


New advice was issued from DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural affairs) on 15/05/2020 regarding owners picking up their new puppy.

“What about puppies which would be ready to go to their new homes during lockdown?

Defra have said that new owners in England may now (15th May) collect a puppy by prior arrangement when the sale has already been agreed, and as long as you adhere to social distancing and hygiene requirements. The puppy must be at least eight weeks of age and any viewing of them with their mother and litter mates can be achieved remotely.

Further guidance on how this can be done safely is available here:

It is important to note that at present, all other existing legal obligations, such as microchipping your puppies prior to sale and any licensing conditions, remain in force. Issues related to licensing should be raised with the relevant local authority.

In the rest of the UK, for those who are in the business of breeding, then you are able to leave your house to travel for the purposes of work as long as you adhere to social distancing and hygiene requirements. Likewise, where keeping puppies longer than originally planned is becoming a significant welfare concern for those who breed but aren’t considered as a ‘business’, then it is possible that this will be deemed a reasonable excuse to leave your house, with regard to the Covid-19 regulations (please note these differ by nation within the UK). Other factors such as financial hardship, or mental health issues associated with keeping the puppies longer may also meet the legal threshold for leaving your home to transport the puppies.

Further information can be found here:

There have been many comments in other breed notes about the number of requests for puppies having increased massively. I sincerely hope those people have thought long and hard about what will happen to those pups once they have gone back to work.

I was pleased to hear this weekend that Norwegian Kennel  Klub has announced that they have managed to arrange bridging finance to tide them over the next few months until around October. As the lockdown has now ended in Norway but still with obvious restrictions and dog shows have not yet restarted, , it’s to be hoped they can survive beyond that.

There have been numerous on line dog shows taking place and now Elkhounds can join in thanks to the hard work of Laura Stephenson who has organised a show just for Elkhounds on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook you can still send photos to her by email but judging takes place on Wednesday this week so you don’t have long.  You can find it on or search for Norwegian Elkhound FUN Online dog show.

I’m pleased and relieved to say the Journal has now gone to the printers . It will probably be sent out in July and I finally have some free time!

Diana Hudson

11th May 2020


First of all apologies for the lack of notes last week. The deadline for the Journal had arrived and I found myself doing the washing up around midnight; the rest of the day taken up by the Journal. I was delighted to get an offer of proof reading from Margaret Wadsworth who was a professional proofreader. Most helpful.  Thank you Marageret. So, the Journal is now finished and has gone to the printers this Monday. It should be out to members by mid July depending on how busy they are and how many staff are still working.

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all well and coping with lockdown. Unfortunately, we got bad news two weeks ago that our son had developed Covid. He phoned me with a horrific cough and temperature and had to ring 111.  He was called back by a paramedic who went through symptoms, gave him advice and told him to stay home for two weeks plus a week after he felt better. Unfortunately, he was never asked if he lived alone, had any medicines or food or any help. He had just 4 paracetamol in the house, only water to drink  and no food delivery until the following week. I had to rapidly pack tablets and mail them next day delivery and he had to live on takeaways for over a week until his food arrived. He was told his GP would phone him but that never happened. Thank goodness he’s a runner so his lung function is extremely good and he’s managed to finally fight it off. We were extremely worried a few days ago as he was really struggling to breathe but he’s now going upstairs without even thinking about it. He had been working from home since late February, only leaving the house for essential shopping on his bike so he can only have contracted it at the local Spar shop or a small supermarket not far away. Do take care, all of you. It’s not over yet.

On the dog scene there was sad news from Karen Gold who had to let her Shiba Harry cross the bridge when his dementia became too distressing. Harry had seemed invincible having survived two falls from a first-floor window.


Then today news from Linda Middleton to tell me they have lost their lovely Odin who passed away at home. Ch Ithim Agus Suim was around 14 years old. A son of I Spy, Odin had the same lovely gentle temperament. Condolences to both Karen and Alan and to the Middletons.

Robert continues to entertain everyone with stories of people from the  past in his breed notes and with an online semi judging experience where he posts pictures of dogs of the past for people to put in order of choice. It’s fascinating to find out the names of the dogs and to think whether they actually looked the way many of us remember them. Keep up the good work Robert.He’s now put up baby photos of people to guess who they are. That could be funny.

News from Michael Sharman in France is that they are now allowed to travel a little more as long as they remain in their own apartment but they still need official permission to go any further.  However shops are well stocked and many companies are finding ways to offer their services whilst distancing themselves -  well most of them. Cross border travel is still not allowed.

The only other dog news I’ve seen of note is that the Norwegian Kennel Club is in danger of bankruptcy . As a not for profit organisation it seems to fall l through all the cracks in the Government’s offers of help for businesses. Imagine the effect on pedigree dog breeding without registrations, pedigrees and health records. It’s to be hoped help can be found.

If you want some entertaining reading, do read the other breeds’ breed notes in Our Dogs. I’ve always glanced through them all but started reading them more fully.  Margaret Wildman has had me in hysterics , Robert’s and Margaret Deuchar’s notes have kept me educated and entertained and many more notes are much longer and more entertaining than ever before.

Keep safe.    Diana




26th April 2020

There’s very little to report this week as very little has changed. I was extremely surprised to read that one cluster of dog shows in the  USA is going ahead with a lot of rules and regulations as to how judging will happen whilst keeping  distances apart. How a judge can go over a dog in that situation I can’t imagine though. The report said      “The Peach Blossom Cluster Show Committee has established safety guidelines for anyone attending their cluster from June 11-21, 2020. Peach Blossom Show Chair Mary Ellen Macke confirmed that these rules were reviewed by AKC and their superintendent, Onofrio Dog Shows.”  You can read the detailed rules on

This week the KC announced  more changes to the JCF, this time an easing of the regulations on who can be a mentor or a supervisor (That may be the wrong word.)  Details are on the KC Facebook page and website; far too complicated to explain here.

Online Dog Shows seem to be popping up everywhere. The KC has just completed one and I see from the breed notes that the Buhund Club also held a very successful show. The breed notes in Our Dogs seem to have expanded massively in most breeds. If you haven’t yet read the Elkhound Notes by Robert Greaves, make sure you do. He’s covering some really interesting information on the breeders and dogs that preceded our present ones and which lie at the back of most present-day dogs’ pedigrees. If you want a good laugh, try the Beaurceron Notes. Not every week but very often they are the source of some very funny tales.

I hope everyone and their dogs are coping ok with the lockdown. Food has had to be reduced here to match the reduced exercise  (Human and Canine LOL) and Otta seems rather quiet and in need of canine company  but that could be just because she’s on heat. We had to make an unexpected trip to the vet yesterday to have a cyst seen to that is just not behaving itself. It isn’t the normal sebaceous cyst and was exploding copious amounts of blood every couple of days. At least  we proved that the system for treating dogs without owners is working well. I had to phone on arrival. When they were ready a nurse came out to the car to collect her. We managed handover at the end of a 6-foot lead. The vet then rang me to explain what she’d found and shortly after a nurse appeared to pop Otta and medicine back into the car followed by another call from the receptionist to take payment. There were two other cars waiting outside when we arrived. They only have half of the vets actually in surgery as several are self-isolating but still taking phone calls and emails from home. My regular vet had phoned me twice last week. It’s good to know the system works. It was much easier to get her to see a vet than it has been for me to see a GP!

News from Michael Sharman and Enid Hicks says that they are still in lockdown but managing everything that needs to be done although bureaucracy can be a bit difficult . Online shopping really doesn’t exist in France but the local shops are well stocked and it’s fortunate they are both in rural areas.  Their exercise rules are far more stringent than ours. The situation in the USA and Canada varies wildly from state to state

Remember here are only a few days left to get any adverts to me for the Journal. Don’t forget stud dogs and affix adverts.

Diana Hudson




20th April 2020

Well here we are into yet another week of lockdown with  many of you at home but several still hard at work We have members who are nurses, carers, bankers or who work in the essential  food industry keeping us all fed (When we can get a delivery) and putting themselves at risk every day they go to work. Our thanks go to   ALL the front line workers. From what I have heard, most people do seem to have settled into a new  routine and are finally managing to get food and medication. Robert , now working from home is going through old Journals and magazines and writes both in his breed notes in Our Dogs and on the Club’s Facebook page about Elkhound breeders from the past bringing back memories from those of us who knew them and giving a insight into the people who helped to make the breed what it is now. Also some terrific photos from Stuart Horner. Do have a read.

I have only heard of one person who is having to run on puppies because they can’t be collected or delivered to new homes. Thank goodness ours are a bit more manageable than for instance, trying to rear and socialise a litter of 8 Retrievers. Last week Our Dogs carried an article about the situation on getting pups to new homes. It would appear it can be done but only under strict regulations. For those who have managed to get new puppies, vets are not vaccinating so taking the puppies out is still a no no and socialising them will be very difficult. I found a superb video by the Irish Kennel Club with suggestions on how to socialise pups under the present restrictions.  You can watch it on or search You Tube for “Socialising Your Puppy During Cocooning & Social Isolation/Distancing”

Life carries on here pretty much as normal; housework, dog walking, writing the journal, looking forward to a shopping delivery. Whoever though that would become the highlight of the week?  I had a pretty much “non Birthday” last week and must thank everyone for the lovely online good wishes. I even got half a dozen cards although my present from Peter had to be sent back as it was about 4 sizes too big. No, he didn’t think I was that big (I ordered it anyway as he doesn’t go online). It was just enormous. Otta’s Birthday present to me was to come in season so I had to beg my carer to pick up panty liners as I didn’t have enough to last until my next shopping delivery. Then after midnight last night she popped a cyst she’s been incubating for around 5 months. Cleaning and squeezing a cyst at that time of night is NOT recommended. I’m assuming it is a cyst but it’s the strangest I’ve ever seen. It was a neat, smooth little marble sized mountain with a white circle on top but instead of the normal, thick  “cream cheese”, what came out was a creamy white liquid the texture of pancake batter. I will speak to my vet tomorrow just to be sure. It emptied well and looks very healthy; just the wrong texture.

I had a very interesting article sent  by Maggie Mott last week  (from giving  information on how  various Kennel Club around the world are coping with the present situation. It’s rather long so I will attempt to precis each section.

UK by Vince Hogan. - Ironically the last show to take place here was the biggest of the year, Crufts, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham over a month ago. (Hard to believe the NEC is now an emergency hospital _Ed) In the end, 150,000 visitors came, only days before the UK went into serious lockdown

The Kennel Club has more or less shut up shop at its Clarges Street headquarters and “furloughed” nearly 50 staff members. All dog shows are cancelled until June 30, and then a reassessment …much like other countries. The movement of people has restricted puppy collection and delivery, although puppy inquiries seem to have escalated in the crisis.

Norway - Espen Engh  -  “Compared to most other European countries, Norway has been relatively mildly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With some 6,500 people having tested positive for the virus, 132 Norwegians have died as of April 13, and the rate of new infections has been going down for the last week or so. This is no doubt very much due to the early and quite restrictive closing-down measures imposed by the government. These measures included the closing down of dog shows, hunting trials and any other form of organized dog activities from March 12 to June 15, 2020, but may be extended. The borders are closed, and the import and export of dogs has stopped up completely, the airlines not being willing to ship dogs in or out of the country. Still there seems to be an increased demand for puppies within the country, if anything. Most bitches are being bred within kennels or to local dogs, as travel even within the country is restricted.” The closure of most shows had financial implications to the NKK and now the pandemic has raised serious concerns about the kennel club's financial health. Most of the staff is now on furlough, with only a handful still at work.

Malaysia - Gopi Krishnan  -  Malaysia went into lockdown on March 18 for an initial two weeks, which was extended. As we stand today, we are one month into lockdown with another two weeks to go. Only essential services are open. You can't travel in a car with more than one other person, … no further than 10 km from your home, and you can only be out for essentials -- not even exercise! The real kicker came a week ago, when during a press conference the Director General of Health incorrectly commented that people should not handle their pets, as animals could carry the virus, citing the tiger in an American zoo that was infected. That caused a major issue as shelters were concerned that pets were going to be dumped or, worse still, that street animals (which we have) would be targeted. Thankfully, in less than six hours the press published a retraction from the Director General saying that people were encouraged to wash their hands after handling pets. Further reassurance came from the Government Veterinary Department, which made it very clear there was no proof that pets could transmit the virus. (However if living with infected humans, animals could possibly get it, but not transmit it.) While this helped qualm (sic)  fears, it opened a gate of sorts, which led certain militant anti-pet local councils to start rounding up street animals. Another forceful letter from the Vet Department helped to end that, too, and I pray we have seen the end of it. For us dog shows will certainly not be possible for at least six months after lockdown ends, as the government has mandated no mass gatherings for that period.

Italy - Massimo Inzoli   -  At the beginning of March, all dog events in the short term were cancelled, and the regional offices of the Italian Kennel Club, or ENCI, were closed. The possibility of operating them remotely was given, and a moratorium was placed on submitting litter entries in person, though that continues by mail. …… The situation for breeders is serious because, in addition to the collapse of the demand for pets, there is also the difficulty in delivering puppies to their new homes. In this regard, ENCI has requested a waiver from the ministry to be able to proceed in this direction. After a month and a half, ENCI's regional offices continue to be closed, and all shows and hunting and work trials are cancelled until further notice.  With the help of breed clubs, ENCI is organizing online seminars for judges. … In its urgency, the health emergency has imposed an acceleration in the use of information technology. ENCI did not allow itself to be caught unprepared, and in a few days activated a system that allowed its business to move forward. Despite the difficulties of the moment, it is the intention of the ENCI board of directors to develop technological platforms in order to computerize important services for dog lovers

Russia - Igor Vyguzov    -   Russia was affected by the COVID-19 situation later than most other countries, despite the fact that we share borders with China. Instead, our government confirmed that the majority of infections came via Europe, where thousands of cases already existed when Russia began experiencing its first cases in March…. Moscow has had most of the cases (14,776 on April 15) because it's the biggest hub for tourism…. The Russian government has enacted very strict rules at the moment In Moscow, if you want to go out it needs to be for a specific reason, and you need to get a special QR code…… the Russian dog world has stopped most activities: Dog shows and sport trials are postponed until June or even later…. In April, the Russian Kennel Club (RKF) began offering special online webinars, including many interesting discussions about breeds, breeding, handling and judging. Almost every day we have a new topic, and access is free. We have many well-known speakers from around the world, and some topics are presented in English as well. (Everyone is welcome to join: Visit The RKF has also adapted to facilitate communication and workflow via the internet. Dog clubs from all over the country as well as Russian fanciers in quarantine can connect online with its main office, allowing them to order pedigrees and register litters. Similarly, all the kennel club's committees are working online.

Israel  Yossi Guy,   -   After returning from Crufts, I had to stay in home isolation for 14 days, and by then the entire country was under shutdown. No schools, most shops were closed, and only essential businesses and offices remained open…… First of all, most people are required to remain within 100 meters of their home, but this doesn't apply to those who have a dog and must take it for walks…. You are also allowed to take your dog to the vet.  …. Dog groomers have now been allowed to provide service under certain conditions. To top it all, the demand for puppies and adult dogs is at an all-time high…..

Canada - Allison Foley  -  Most things shut down early and we have been in “self-isolation” since the middle of March.  Dog shows have stopped, of course. All are cancelled in May and probably most of the June ones as well, but so far most of the July shows are still hopeful. We are allowed to walk in parks and on trails, though we avoid each other as we do. … Groomers have had to stop working. Vets are being amazing and doing what is needed while we wait in the car. I grocery-shop for my mom and other seniors. I even saw toilet paper the other day! 

 I found it very interesting to see the differing reactions across the world. There was no news from China but I have read that several large cities have now completely banned the eating of dog meat. Let’s hope  that spreads across the country.

Now, if you need something to do, how about an advert in the NECGB Journal. A full page, colour advert with one photo costs about the same as one single dog show entry at £30. Have a stud dog to advertise? A half page is just £15.An Affix advert only £2.50.  Just think of all the money you are saving without those show entries although I do realise several people will not be working just now.  I have extended the deadline until the end of April but anything received after that will not go in. Payment please directly to the Club’s account or by cheque to Stuart Byrne.

Diana Hudson




12th April 2020

I hope you are all keeping safe and managing to get food, especially those who are self isolating. I just placed the final order I had booked from weeks ago; from then on it’s pot luck. I hope your dogs are coping with what are probably less exciting walks and n one needs a vet. Most vets seem to be just  doing emergencies and managing the rest with photos, phone calls and video calls. Ours are taking your dog off you at the car so  no one goes into the surgery.

There’s just one piece of news  this week in case you missed it. The Kennel Club is running a fun online  photographic dog show, copying Our Dogs who ran one last week. Well done to Laura Stephenson whose Banner won the virtual Hound Group with Our Dogs.

Here’s he KCs statement.

It's time for your dog to shine from the comfort of their home!

We’re launching our very own Kennel Club Online Dog Show, with classes ranging from Best of Group to Best Canine Colleague. It’s a chance to celebrate our canine companions during the Covid-19 lockdown, to connect with like minded dog lovers and to spread a little happiness during these difficult times.  


Monday 13th April - Best Gundog

Tuesday 14th April - Best Toy

Wednesday 15th April - Best Terrier

Thursday 16th April - Best Utility

Friday 17th April - Best Working

Saturday 18th April - Best Pastoral

Sunday 19th April - Best Hound

(Above classes open to pedigree dogs only)

Monday 20th April - Cutest Puppy

Tuesday 21st April - Handsome Dog

Wednesday 22nd April - Prettiest Bitch

Thursday 23rd April - Best Puppy Dog Eyes

Friday 24th April - Golden Oldie

Saturday 25th April - Best Rescue

Sunday 26th April - Best Dog Doppelganger (you and your dog)

(Above classes open to pedigree and crossbreed dogs)


Monday 27th April - Best Canine Colleague

Tuesday 28th April - Best At Home Agility

Wednesday 29th April - Best At Home Heelwork to Music (incl Freestyle)

Thursday 30th April - Best At Home Obedience (Paw, Sit, Down)

Friday 1st May - Best At Home Handling (circle, triangle or straight up and down)

Saturday 2nd May - Best At Home Trick

Sunday 3rd May - Best At Home Dog and Owner Workout

(Above classes open to pedigree and crossbreed dogs)


How to enter?

Each day we will post the class of the day across our social media platforms, you can enter by tweeting or tagging us in your images / videos on Instagram or Twitter: @TheKennelClubUK using #KennelClubOnlineDogShow or enter by posting your photos or videos in the comments section of the class post on our official Kennel Club Facebook page:  

On the dates above, each class post will go live at 9am and entries will close at 5pm. The winner of the class will be announced by 10am the following day.

How much is it to enter a class?

It is FREE to enter our Kennel Club Online Dog Show

What will my dog be judged on? 

It is a fun show, so we won’t be judging dogs to breed standards. Images / videos can be of your dog sitting, standing, lying down (or whatever position they wish) or taking part in one of the “Best at Home” classes.

We’re looking for the best image / video of a dog, in addition to looking for that extra special something which maybe their journey as a rescue dog or how they have helped you, or why they are just amazing! 

Is the fun dog show open to all dogs?

The Kennel Club Online Dog Show is open to all dogs (Kennel Club / Non Kennel Club registered) with some classes being specifically for pedigree dogs only, others being open to both pedigree and crossbreeds.

Is it UK entries only?

The Kennel Club has a huge reach both in the UK and Internationally, so entries are welcome from everywhere!

Who is judging the online dog show?

As this is a fun dog show, classes will be judged by Kennel Club staff members.

Does my dog have to be a certain age to enter a class?

There is no lower or upper age limit for dogs to be entered into a class.


Now before you go, you only have two weeks to get your adverts to me for the Journal.

You can choose a Kennel advert ( Affix box) which is purely text and should fit 1/3 of an A4 page; a half page Stud dog advert which requires a small photo,  3 generation pedigree and all health test results; no dog will be accepted that has not been health tested and of course your own advert.

I am also still hoping for pages for new Champions from 2019 which should have the dog’s name, DOB, Owner/breeder and a 3 generation pedigree. Please look at last year’s journal for the layout. I only have three so far and one promise. There is no charge for the New Champions pages.

Keep safe everyone and stay at home.

Diana Hudson




6th April 2020

I hope you are all keeping safe and secure at home  and coping with the lockdown. For me at least it’s not much different to normal except that I can’t get my shopping delivered as I’ve had to do for the past 15 years or more. Despite being over 70 with health problems and housebound I’m not on the Government’s ultra vulnerable list so the few  slots that were available for over 70s have dried up completely . Our little local shop hasn’t seen a single vegetable delivery for weeks yet Lidl half a mile away is fully stocked. They don’t do online deliveries of course so people seem to be just shopping there normally.  I’m just so relieved that I managed to buy a decent stock of dog food online. That was a massive worry as only Tesco sells it and my local shop gets just 12 tins a week. Thank you so much to the person who suggested the on line company. I was also delighted  to manage to secure a delivery of a special meal this Sunday for Peter’s 75th Birthday since we can’t go out and his Birthday present, a trip to Kew Gardens has been cancelled.

How are your dogs coping with having you at home and with different style walks? Mine is used to going up onto the moors where she can run around on a flexi and hunt to her heart’s content but when hundreds of people started driving up there, potentially contaminating gates and stiles, her walks had to change. Although we live on the edge of the country, it’s difficult to find somewhere grassy with a footpath, especially at lambing time. Although social media seems chock full of puzzles to keep us humans occupied, I’ve seen very little on how to keep your dogs engaged and interested.  Mine is getting extra training and lots of TV to watch but if walks are shorter do watch their weight. We all know how hard it is to get it off again. Please email me with suggestions for keeping your dogs interested so I can put some suggestions in these notes.

Thankfully I managed to set up a subscription to Our Dogs. Two nice adverts this week from Wendy Threadgold and Elaine Simms in the Crufts supplement. I was also thrilled to read this week’s main headline. On Monday April 6th, Lucy’s Law finally becomes law. On that day the UK will finally ban all commercial third party puppy sales meaning puppies can only be bought either directly from the breeder with the puppies mother present or can be rehomed from a rescue organisation. It’s the first step in cracking down on the poor welfare, large scale puppy farms who rely on third part y sellers to sell their sick, badly reared puppies. It’s hoped that the law will also have an effect on the large scale imports of illegal puppies from abroad. I have no doubt that people will try to get round it and there could well be some unscrupulous backyard breeders setting up who have never heard of health testing, especially during the lockdown when some will be tempted to use whatever male dog is available of whatever breed.  But, it’s a start and a huge step in cutting down on the outlets for he puppy farms and those who call themselves rescues yet charge extortionate fees to “rescue” a dog; often the poor adults that have been bred half to death.

There was also good news that SKC appear to have managed the impossible and have rearranged their May show for later in the year. I will copy their entire message here. Nice to hear of a bit of normality. If it goes ahead, I bet they get an enormous entry.

The Officers and Committee of The Scottish Kennel Club are pleased to announce that after much negotiating and arduous work, have managed to secure dates and venue to be able to re-schedule the May 2020 Championship Show. The confirmed dates and Group Splits are now as follows:

Friday, 27th November 2020 - Toy, Utility
Saturday, 28th November 2020 - Working, Pastoral, Terrier
Sunday, 29th November 2020 - Gundog, Hound


Exhibitors who have entered the May show will be given a refund less an admin fee. We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst refunds are being processed as we are operating with reduced staff during this period. Please note that entry fees from the May show will not be transferable to the November show, however Exhibitors can enter the November show once the schedule is up and running.

We will also write to each Judge individually to check their availability and again would ask for your patience whilst we carry out this process.

We will also be in contact with Secretaries of Breed Clubs/Societies who these dates may clash with to try and work together for the benefit of all Exhibitors.

Whilst we appreciate the re-scheduled dates may not suit everyone, we are hopeful that Exhibitors will continue to support the Club during this difficult and uncertain time. Scottish Kennel Club extend their thanks to its Members and Exhibitors for their continued support during this difficult and uncertain time.

We are trying our best - thank you

Well done SKC and much luck.


Now, back to Elkhounds. I have just one request for you. This is obviously to get your adverts for the Journal done and sent to me. New details of how to pay are on the website. With most people at home you have no excuses LOL. I must thank Laura Stephenson for sending hers in the most perfect way for me as editor; a Word document and a copy as a pdf which gives me a choice of how to fit it in and lay it out so it looks the best it can but if you can only do one or the other, don’t worry.. I’m working several hours a day on it to try to get it out on time but of course it needs your adverts, stud dog adverts and affix adverts and if you made up a new Champion last year, I need a good B/W  photo and 3 gen pedigree please.. The present problem is to find a way to get it distributed without our secretary having to make numerous trips to the Post Office. We hope we’ve cracked it, but it will cost. – that’s providing the printers are still working by then. I can’t finalise anything until all the adverts are in and I know how many pages there are.

We don’t know how long this will continue. I’ve already hear of people  unable to get puppies to their new homes and worried about socialising them so please think twice about any breeding plans and above all Stay Home and keep safe and if  you are one of those who must work, THANK YOU.





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