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Breed Notes

An insight to going ons in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson

15th January 2021

I have no idea what happened to my notes last week. I did send them before the deadline containing sincere condolences to three Elkhound families who had lost their dogs. There were three shocking and upsetting losses of Elkhounds this week I’m afraid. Christine Gilbert’s new puppy died very suddenly and unexpectedly, cause not yet known; Sarah Thomas’s Ch Malenibo Kynedyr, known to all as Puppy Frank passed away just short of his 16th birthday followed a couple of days later by Treena and Colin Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bear Necessity. Deepest sympathy to everyone.

It was also a bad start to the year for others who lost family members. My cousin passed away a week ago and Maureen Lake lost her niece unexpectedly. Did we really hope this year would be better than last?

As there is no other Elkhound news, I thought I would mention the rapidly increasing cases of dog theft. We all know what ridiculous prices dogs have been bringing while people have worked from home, so dog theft has also become very lucrative and more and more violent. Two weeks ago, I signed a petition asking for the punishment to be much stronger and wrote to my MP asking him to support it. Here is his reply.

"You will be aware that at a recent West minster Hall debate DEFRA highlighted that the theft of a pet is already considered a criminal offence under the theft act 1968. This is met with a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment which has the potential to be increased  if the animal was stolen as part of an aggravated burglary or robbery.

I am also very supportive of the new legislation has now been introduced to Parliament which will increase the penalties for animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 including where a stolen pet is mistreated, from 6 months to 5 years imprisonment”.


He then says, “The sentencing council guidelines ensure that judges take into account both the emotional distress and harm that a crime can have on the victim such as theft of a much loved pet, In accordance with this, the courts can recommend higher penalties for situations in which further emotional distress and harm has been caused."

All well and good but when did you last hear of anyone getting 7 years for stealing a dog? It needs advertising widely and adhering to. At the moment it’s down to individual judges and if they don’t happen to care about dogs, the thieves get away with a paltry fine.

I followed a few links to warnings and advice how to protect yourself and your dog like falling to the ground covering your dog or letting it loose to run away; keeping your eyes open at all times for strangers but perhaps the best advice I saw was to buy two items. A rape alarm and a perfectly legal spray to spray into the thief’s face. In this country pepper spray and mace are illegal but there is a spray which can blur vision and mark the thief for several days with a red dye. You can find the advice  on It’s marketed as  protection for young women and is small enough to pop in a pocket. The advice also said to spray your dog to make it more difficult to sell on. It does wash out but not for seven days. You could also carry a strobe torch. In the dark it will temporarily blind an attacker. I take no responsibility for any claims the website makes or about its safety. I have not tried it.

If you don’t fancy either of those ideas, just keep your wits about you, stand well away from anyone enquiring about your dog or any cars that stop to supposedly ask for directions- easy to do with social distancing; keep your dog on a lead and have someone with you if at all possible.

Diana Hudson (



A very Happy New Year to everyone and the hope that before too long there may be some control of this virus and a return to showing our dogs. It looks as if the change of date for Crufts may be viable, but I think anything before that is likely to run into difficulties with new variants of the virus, the rapid spread and the slow roll out of vaccination.

Apologies for the recent lack of notes. I never received the email giving submission deadlines. It seems to have been sent the day Google went down.

Today I heard the most shocking news about the vaccinations. Do beware!  I just read a newspaper clipping from a friend in Germany which gives a warning from the police saying that people have started scam phone calls offering Covid vaccinations privately. It can NEVER be sold on the open market. Also, they are now having to guard the places where the vaccine is stored. What will people stoop to?

I hope everyone managed some sort of Christmas Celebration.


We were lucky that we could have our son here as his support bubble; the first time we’ve seen him since last Christmas even though he lives only 45 minutes away.  Otta went absolutely wild when she saw him. It must feel like a lifetime to a dog. She’s been sulking since he went home but snow yesterday perked her up even though it dismayed me. In fact, on Tuesday night, I went to let her into the garden before bed and couldn’t open the door. We were frozen IN. When I went to put the milk bottles out, the front door was also frozen. Thankfully when we had alterations done we left the old ‘back door’ from what is now a spare bedroom and I was able to get that open for her relief!  I hope no one was affected by the floods and high winds. Brian and Maureen Lake had a tree blow down across their drive preventing them from getting in or out; luckily it missed the car. Fern’s walks have been shortened because of all the mud although the neighbours all call her the ‘self- cleaning dog’. I know a Buhund coat is shorter than an Elkhound but I’m so grateful for our dogs’ lovely waterproof coats which need only a quick wipe under their bellies where they’ve kicked up the mud and wet.

The various stages of lockdown are causing problems for people who want to choose and collect puppies; travel across the border from Scotland is banned with police checking number plates and Brexit has caused delays with transporting pups to Ireland and travel out of tier 4 is not advised or staying overnight.  In the USA it’s common for a breeder to choose a pup for new owners whether for show or pet but people here are not happy to have someone else choose a dog they will live with for the next 13 to 16 years as part of their family and which has to get on with existing dogs. Adults will almost certainly accept pups but that doesn’t mean the pup’s temperament will be the sort they can happily live with. When we got Sky at 8 weeks, she was a perfect match for Quali; loud, outgoing, a whirlwind which Quali adored but for Poppy she was simply too loud and too “in your face”. They got on but Pop would never play with Sky as she was just too wild. The same applies to the owners and the pup and they do really need to choose their own.

There was a slight lifting of the clouds when the regulations after Brexit were announced. It had been thought that plans for travel to the EU or NI with pets would be made much more difficult and long winded but that doesn’t seem to be so. The present pet passports will no longer be valid but will be replaced with an ‘Animal Health Certificate’. The arrangements are expected to take about a month and you need a new certificate for every trip.

“You must have your dog, cat or ferret microchipped.

 Vaccinate your dog, cat or ferret against rabies – your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before it can be vaccinated.

 Wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel.

Visit your vet to get an AHC for your pet, no more than 10 days before travel to the EU.”

There is a limit of 5 to the number of dogs that can be transported unless it is for show or competition.

As long as you keep your pet’s rabies vaccinations up to date, you will not need to get repeat vaccinations for repeat trips to the EU or NI.

The AHC is supplied and signed by a vet but not all vets will provide them so do check. You must take proof of: your pet’s microchipping date; your pet’s vaccination history.  Your pet’s AHC will be valid for: 10 days after the date of issue for entry into the EU or NI; for onward travel within the EU or NI for 4 months after the date of issue and for re-entry to GB for 4 months after the date of issue.


If you’re travelling with your dog directly to Finland, Republic of Ireland, NI, Norway or Malta, it must have treatment against tapeworm. Your dog will need to receive treatment 1 to 5 days before arriving in any of these countries. Your vet must enter full details on the AHC following treatment.

On arrival in the EU or NI, pet owners travelling with pets will need to enter through a designated travellers’ point of entry (TPE). At the TPE, you may need to present your pet’s original AHC along with proof of: your pet’s microchip, rabies vaccination, tapeworm treatment (if required).

NOTE:-Your pet will need a new AHC for each trip to the EU or NI.

Returning to the UK.

There will be no change to the current health preparations for pets entering GB from 1 January 2021.

Your pet must have one of the following documents when returning to GB from the EU: an EU pet passport (issued in the EU, or in GB before 1 January 2021), or a pet passport from a Part 1 listed third country; the AHC issued in GB used to travel to the EU – which you can use up to 4 months after it was issued  or  a GB pet health certificate (for travel into GB only).

An approved route is necessary.

Your pet will not need this documentation if it’s entering GB from NI, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Interim rules are in place for travel to and from Northern Ireland and assistance dogs are not required to use an approved route although the authorities must be informed in advance.

A very Happy and much improved New Year to everyone.


Diana Hudson (

21st December 2020

I wasn’t planning on doing any notes last week but I was asked to include the following message. However, something went wrong between me sending them and Our Dogs printing because they didn’t appear.

I had a message that Gill Bingham (Steldawn) isn’t very well and since moving to the nursing home is feeling quite lonely so perhaps during your preparations for the festivities, you could add an extra message to Gill. The message said, “I wonder if you would spare a thought for Gillie Bingham who is not well at all and has been in hospital for the past few days. Gill will be returning to the nursing home today and doesn't have an awful lot to look forward to at Christmas. She would love to hear from you, see your pictures, and share your joys. Keeping in touch with the Elkhound world would mean such a lot to her and rekindle all her lovely memories of the show scene. I am hoping to book a place and go up to see her soon but it may prove to be impossible as we are Tier 2 and Dudley is Tier 3. Please drop her a card or a line just to let her know we are all thinking of her and wishing her well. Thanking you so much in anticipation. Jill.”


Gill bred some beautiful Elkhounds and I know is missing them massively. I’m sure she’d love to be reminded of the days of trips to America and Norway and the famous “Bingham’s bomb”. Email or phone me for her address.

Well there was a bit of good news in last week’s Our Dogs amongst the general news  of extra lockdowns and dire warnings of shortages post Brexit. The KC has added Elkhounds to the list of breeds that can have all their health testing done in one place; results will be sent direct to KC for publishing as well as to owners. That certainly seems to avoid a lot of expense and messing about sending in test results from different companies although I do wonder if it could lead to the KC having a monopoly on health testing. In the meantime please remember that if you had your dogs tested in the last couple of years you do need to send their results directly to KC or they will not appear in the database or on pedigrees although they have now stopped putting them on pedigrees.

The post Brexit rules for taking dogs into Europe after Brexit have also been slightly simplified. You can find them on but beware; they have already changed 3 times in the last week so do double check.

Also partly good news that the BBC has changed the working title of the planned show on breeding dogs as a business but they are still refusing to pull the programme. If you still want to sign the petition against this programme it is on .

The bad news is that the Hound Association has cancelled their Open Show  for 2021 in order to concentrate on the Ch Show.

I had a lovely card from Jasmine Evans as a result of the article in the Magazine entitled “Mrs Heffer Remembers” . She  said “On her advice I kept a note book on all the judges when showing Mageroy Andrick and Mageroy Astrid during the 1970s. It was a great help knowing the likes and dislikes of so many judges. We went to shows with Mary Newton and Frank and Molly Rogers; Dear Frank who went around roundabouts twice!! “.

Good advice there for our newer exhibitors. I still have the book that my mum kept- also on the advice of Kitty Heffer which details every show from Sanction to Championship, every  placing and comments on every judge  - some of which don’t bear repeating LOL. It makes interesting and often funny reading like the aspiring judge at a Limit Show who, after awarding BOB announced ”What breed are they? I’ve never seen them before”; the one who judged in gloves on a bitterly cold day in Malvern yet critiqued on coat texture and the Championship show judge who said to my husband after his bitch won BOB, “What a lovely strong upstanding male.” Should have gone to Specsavers!

The remarks didn’t stop at judges though but detailed winnings and entry costs and unusual events (Yes we got prize money in  those days);  the time they had to leave the caravan at Malvern when it snowed heavily and pick it up at a later show; the  time it took 5 hours to get back from Birmingham with just one lane of the M6 clear of snow;  travelling to a Limit show in Blackburn one evening in January in dad’s coal wagon because the car was snowed in and even the exhibitor who had been certain of winning the CC who ripped up her 2nd place prize card and scattered it across the ring saying “That’s what I think of your judging” before stomping out . Mum even recorded meeting the Queen at Windsor. A small woman approached at the other side of a bridge on the river and asked if we’d been showing and whether we had won. It was only when a group corgis appeared behind her that was realised who the small lady in mac and headscarf was. That was the  same weekend the dogs disturbed a huge bees nest and had to be rushed to the vet ; they had dead bees dropping out of their coats all the way home. Then there was even Dave Hurley who was Prince Phillip’s helicopter pilot, giving mum pieces of Royal Loo paper; round and pink with scalloped edges and embossed with the Royal Crest  Don’t just post memories on Facebook- keep a written record.

We are now just a week away from Christmas so I would like to wish you all and your dogs a lovely time and the best of health and happiness and some sort of return to normality in 2021. Remember those who are no longer with us and those who are facing Christmas alone.

Christmas is a time of Cheer

Even with the virus here.

Don’t meet friends in or out

Do not sing and do not shout.

Stay apart  while you eat your food

Because ‘they’ will know if you’ve been good.

If you hug or even kiss

You’re likely to end up catching  this

Dangerous virus; don’t give it to gran

Stay apart as much as you can.

Only 5 days the boffins said

May as well just stay in bed.


Keep those chocolates, onions Christmas cake and puddings well away from your dogs along with the dangerous plants like holly and mistletoe berries and poinsettias and above all, NO Macadamia nuts.

Diana Hudson (  Tel: 01282435590)

14th December 2020

I wasn’t planning on doing any notes this week but there were two things I must report on.


I had a message that Gill Bingham (Steldawn) isn’t very well and since moving to the nursing home is feeling quite lonely so perhaps  during your  preparations for the festivities, you could add an extra message to Gill.


The message from Jill Cowper who phones her regularly said, “I wonder if you would spare a thought for Gillie Bingham who is not well at all and has been in hospital for the past few days. Gill will be returning to the nursing home today and doesn't have an awful lot to look forward to at Christmas. She would love to hear from you, see your pictures, and share your joys. Keeping in touch with the Elkhound world would mean such a lot to her and rekindle all her lovely memories of the show scene. I am hoping to book a place and go up to see her soon but it may prove to be impossible as we are Tier 2 and Dudley is Tier 3. Please drop her a card or a line just to let her know we are all thinking of her and wishing her well. Thanking you so much in anticipation. Jill.” Gill bred some beautiful Elkhounds and I know missed them massively. I’m sure she’d love to be reminded of the days of trips to America and Norway and the famous “Bingham’s bomb”. Email or phone me for her address.

The other piece of news which had me seething and you must have seen in last week’s paper is the BBC’s plans to make a programme about making money from breeding dogs. It will supposedly follow two young women who plan to set up a business breeding doodles and will follow their money making efforts. The reasons why people are up in arms about it don’t need repeating and a petition has been set up to try to get the BBC to change their minds. If you wish to sign you can find the petition on . Just in the minute it took me to check the page was correct another 30 people signed. Just today ( Saturday 12th Dec) the total   so far stands at 182000 objections

Diana Hudson  ( Tel 01282435590)

7th December 2020

Our NECGB Chairman, Robert Greaves was laid to rest on Friday last, December 4th. Bye Robert, we will remember you with fondness and thanks for all you did for Elkhounds.


The Club President Jill Cowper was invited to attend on behalf of the Club. Naturally with the present regulations only a very restricted number could attend. They included judges and representatives of the various committees he was on; Midland Counties and the Hound Show; his cousin Jennifer and Nicola Callow and family Tom and William Croxford. Jill said it was difficult to recognise people behind their masks. She said “The boys said some lovely things about Rob and how he had looked after them all, some sad things and some funny. A very sad day and one I won’t forget. I attended Ken’s, Sheila’s and now their son Robert at the same crematorium.”


There were no flowers by request but donations were requested for Elkhound Rescue either via the undertaker or direct to the treasurer of the Elkhound Rescue Fund. Details on  under “Donations”.

Unless there is sudden news, this is likely to be my last notes until after Christmas so may I wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and a New Year rid of this virus and all the restrictions. Keep the plants, nuts and Christmas cake away from those dogs and have a lovely time, hopefully with your families. May 2021 bring us all the return of shows and some semblance of normality.

Diana Hudson (

16th November 2020

I am certain that everyone who read Our Dogs last week couldn’t fail to be moved by all the wonderful comments about the sudden death of Robert Greaves. He was much loved by so many people and his loss will continue to be felt very deeply, not least by the Elkhound Club of Great Britain.


I hope that in some small way, such an out pouring of respect and love could be of some comfort to Nicola, Will and Tom and to all who loved him, in recovering from the shock and in coming to terms with their loss. I still find it hard to believe I can no longer message him to remind me of someone’s name from the 60s and 70s or   who did what or was in partnership with whom. He was an absolute mine of knowledge about the breed.

Last week I managed to find the phone number for the man who started him in dog showing; Alvin Hambidge. (Still the same number after 40 years). Robert’s mum had asked Alvin to help to introduce the teenage Robert to dog shows and it was Alvin who drove up to Scotland and returned with Robert’s first ever dog, Opinan Edel . Alvin stewarded at all the Club Shows and arranged the sound systems and took teenage Robert round all the local Sanction and Limit shows although they lost touch when Alvin stopped showing.  It was wonderful to reminisce with Alvin about those years and the people we all knew.

Sadly that leads me to some more sad news. I got Alvin’s number from the address book of Harold Bellamy who passed away in March. when I tried to ring his wife Ann. Ann and Harold lived in Birmingham, showed and bred Annhar Elkhounds and knew Robert well. I’m sad to report that Ann is now in a nursing home with terminal cancer.

I couldn’t believe it a day later, when news then came in about the sudden passing off yet another Elkhounder, namely Lynn Cartwright (nee Passey) of Shundelko Elkhounds last Tuesday. Originally another Midlander, Lynn had moved up to the North East. She bred some beautiful dogs and in the 80s when the breed was suddenly struck with  the problem of glaucoma, she spent many months tracing collecting and collating thousands of pedigrees of the dogs related to the one known  to have produced glaucoma in an attempt to trace carriers. I still have an enormous file that she sent me of those pedigrees, all showing their relationship to that dog. Of course this was long before the gene responsible was found or DNA testing was possible and in the earlier days of the Internet when computers were clunky and not as popular or easy as they are now. A massive amount of work. In fact, just before the DNA sequence was announced, Prof Simon Petersen Jones was hoping to raise the funding necessary to use her work to find the gene via pedigrees.  RIP Lynn and condolences to her family, Martin, Stephen and Steve.

On a brighter note, yesterday I collected the NECGB Magazines from the printer and have delivered them to our secretary Linda. In about a week’s time Linda will start to mail them out to members in batches. Please note, they will not all be mailed out at the exact same time so if your friend gets one and you haven’t yet, don’t worry. It will be on its way. Hopefully this slightly earlier than usual mailing will keep them away from the Christmas postal chaos and avoid any going missing.

Diana Hudson (  Tel 01282435590)

9th November 2020


Robert Greaves

08.03.1964 - 05.11.2020 

It is with deep personal sadness and shock that I have to report passing of Robert Greaves, Chairman of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain.

Also, 'Our Dogs'  breed note writer for Norwegian Elkhounds, Committee member of the Hound Association and Midland Counties, KC member on several committees, judge of many  breeds, breeder and dog lover and friend.


He passed away in hospital on November 5th after a brief illness.


His loss will be deeply felt by so many people, not least by Nicola, Tom and Will, his partners in dogs, closest friends and Godsons.


The Elkhound Club will miss his careful guiding hand immensely.


I first met Robert when he was about 14 and started showing his first Elkhound. My parents took him under their wing and kept an eye on him at shows. He and his parents, Sheila and Ken became very special friends.

There are many words that can describe Robert: Gentleman; private, kind, caring, helpful, loving, circumspect, gentle, reliable, knowledgeable, dependable, honest, careful and friend. Taken far too soon. We will all miss you terribly Robert.  Our very deepest sympathy to Nicola, William and Tom.


I have permission to include the following by Simon Parsons although I am sure there will be far more detailed reports.

“For the second time in just a few weeks the British dog scene is reeling from the news of the loss of someone with so much left to give to our world.

This dreadful year we have mourned all too many of our great names, full of years and achievements, but it’s even harder to bear when it’s someone in the prime of life. I for one still can’t take in the news of the death of Robert Greaves after a short illness and I’m sure that for his family, close friends and colleagues the shock and sense of loss must be unimaginable.

My abiding impression of Robert is of his amazing calm and unflappability, and that he had time for everyone, proof that you don’t need to be loud, bossy or overbearing to be an effective organiser.

He started young in the dog world and made up his first Elkhound champion, Kestos Lario’s Ravik, while still in his teens. He never lost his passion for the breed and since then there has been a consistent line of Whittimere champions, a number of them owned by other exhibitors. For many years now the affix has been a team affair with Nicola Croxford and her son Will.

The best known has been Ch/Ir Ch Ennafort The One And Only, handled by young Will to whom Robert has been such an encouraging mentor - she won several groups and twice RBIS. The breed has traditionally been strong in Ireland and the Whittimeres maintained these links - indeed ‘Pearl’s’ sire Ch W Pandemonium was BIS at the St Patrick’s show. I know there are exciting plans for the future in Elkhounds so let’s hope these come to pass as part of Robert’s legacy to the breed he cared about so much.

In recent years Robert has been a familiar figure in the rings with another spitz breed, campaigning the Finnish Spitz Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere. After a decade of showing he last year finally achieved the breed CC record and is the only one of the breed to take a group championship show BIS, helping to keep this beautiful breed in the public eye at a time when it sorely needs it.

Robert’s administrative talents were obvious from an early age and he was 19 when he first joined a breed club committee, going on to chair clubs in both his breeds. It was a given that his services would be called upon by bigger societies, notably the Houndshow, Birmingham City and especially Midland Counties, where he succeeded Margaret Everton as chairman. He chaired the KC Shows Liaison Council and was a member of the Show Committee. He did much to promote judges’ education in his breeds and brought an in-depth knowledge of Elkhound history to his breed notes.

First awarding CCs in his 20s, he had recently judged his first championship show group and with his obvious integrity combined with experience he would no doubt have judged many more.

For those of us who frequent the social media Robert did much to brighten up our day with his usually quite excruciatingly awful jokes which made such a change from the rest of us moaning and grumbling about the world.

I can’t think of many people - any, come to think of it - who had so much to contribute to the dog show scene than this man who was by any standards the quintessential ‘good guy’.”

Diana (

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