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Tuesday 1st September 2020

NECGB Event News


Following the recent ballot of judges, we are delighted to announce the following who have now all accepted:

Open Show 2022

Mr K Pursglove

Championship Show 2023

Mrs L Cartledge

Championship Show 2024

Mrs B Benner

Now for some exciting news.  


In 2021, (COVID-19 permitting) we have not ONE but TWO Club Championship Shows. The 2021 show (where we have two first time judges: Dogs – Mr S Piearce and Bitches – Mr J Smith) will be held at Corley (as last year’s successful event) but the KC has just allowed us to hold a second show in 2021. This only became apparent after we had commenced the ballot for the judges for 2023 & 2024.  This  show will be held at Birmingham National (Stafford)  on Thursday 6th, Hound Day. There will be, however, no trophies presented at these shows no special awards classes.

The judge for this second show will be William Croxford who came 2nd in the ballot for 2024 and missed out on his first time awarding CCs in 2020 – this appointment also aligns with the recommendation from the KC that any re-planned shows should, where possible, utilise judges who had had appointments cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2020.

The AGM/Contest of Champions has been provisionally booked for 27th February 2021 at the same venue as last year – Weston Hall Hotel, Nr Nuneaton.

The Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain


It’s that time of year again to put pen to paper and prepare your adverts for the next edition of the NECGB Journal and record for posterity, the achievements of your Norwegian Elkhound (s) during 2019. NB: Adverts will again be in colour.


Half Page advert  - including one photograph  £15.00

Full Page advert – Including one photograph  £30

Additional colour photographs - £5.00  each

(Non-members rates £20.00; £35.00 & £5.00 respectively

  Stud dog adverts ( including 3 generation pedigree & small B/W photograph ) £15.00 per dog

(All dogs to be included in this feature must be tested as per paragraphs 14, 15 & 16 of the NECGB code of ethics and results included in the advert)

You may also advertise your affix in the Journal. Adverts will take the form of a framed box, approx. 15cm x 4cm containing your Affix, name, address and phone number plus email address if required. The cost will be just £2.50

Details of adverts, photos, any design comments, special requests etc together with payment  ( Payable to NECGB) to :-

Diana Hudson, 52 Richmond Ave, Burnley, Lanc’s  BB10 4JL


BY NO LATER THAN April 24th 2020.

Payment must be received no later than 30th April 2020 otherwise your advert may not be included. Payment may be made direct to the club account (details on website) or by cheque to me but please let me know if you pay direct.  If adverts are sent by email, please make them print ready; either A4 size Word doc or pdf with photos sent separately as high-quality jpgs. NB photos from mobile phones do not usually print well.

If you made up a new Champion in 2019, please send me a photo with 3 generation pedigree; dogs name, owner breeder and DOB . These are included at no charge.

Friday 9th August 2019

JCF Review - Numerically Smaller Breeds

Nick Gourley and Terry Desombre  have been invited to represent the numerically smaller breed communities at the forthcoming JCF Review Meetings.

This community will include stakeholders from breeds in Stud Bands A, B and C. It will also include ‘Non CC Breeds’ and ‘Import Register Breeds’. It is vital that all communities are well represented in the feedback we present to the Review Panel.

In order to represent your views effectively throughout the review process we need to coordinate your input. As part of Phase One of the Review and prior to our first meeting at the end of August, we simply need as many of you as possible to answer the following questions.

1. Should the JCF proposal to license judges rather than approve on a show by show approval basis be maintained or abandoned?

2. Should existing previously approved CC judges continue to be required to sit the five-yearly ‘Requirements of a Dog Show Judge’ exam or should they be exempted unless they have not judged for a number of years or made procedural errors while judging?  

3. Should an attempt be made to keep both the existing system and the JCF system in some form running in tandem for a number of years into the future, or should the existing system be phased out as planned?
4. If an ‘in tandem’ approach is to be pursued should the choice of which method to follow be on a judge by judge or breed by breed basis?

5. Irrespective of the answer to question 3 should an element of practical hands-on judging experience (the ‘numbers game’) be involved?

6. Irrespective of the answer to question 3 should starter judges be allowed to judge at small (Level 1/C list) open shows before having to sit any of the exams (Points of a Dog/Requirements of a Dog Show Judge etc) or should such exams be compulsory before a judge takes up any appointment?

7. Should the stewarding requirement for CC judges be retained at 6 occasions or returned to the previous 12 or some other number?

8. Is there sufficient merit in the following features of the JCF for them to be  continued/developed:
  a. Mentoring
  b. Multiple choice questions on breed standards
  c. Eye for a Dog assessment
  d. Critique writing exam

Please send your answers via e-mail or Facebook message including your name, your breed(s) and a contact number in case we need to clarify the content of your responses.

Breeds in Stud Band A & B and Non CC Breeds -

Breeds in Stud Band C and Import Register Breeds -

Darcy 2
Darcy 3
Darcy 6
Darcy 7
granma lea and grandad Lyng
dogs at Llantrisant
leaha paignton
Sonny 1
Lyng Woddy
HT Puppies 1
HT Puppies 2
Sarah 5
Danni Medhurst 3
Sarah 2
Horner 4
Michael Gregory 1
Horner 6
Sarah 15
Horner 3
Danni Medhurst 3
Sarah 8
Sarah 11
Sarah 5
Lorna Nailon 1
Horner 1
Sarah 7
Michael Gregory 2
Danni Medhurst 2
Sarah 1
Horner 2
Diana 1
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